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Weaponize your Promotion - Use Automation

Soundcloud bots allow you to weaponize your promotions for maximum effectiveness

Well, you have made it to (or skipped to the end at least) of the online series of Soundcloud Promotion blogs – perhaps I'll post some more later, we shall see, but for now we have come to the end. I hope you have found some of the promotion techniques useful and even better taken action on them. It isn't rocket science but it is surprising how bad people do it. But their loss is our gain. We just a little bit of effort you can make a big difference.

As said previously, music promotion isn't for everyone, some are just happy to have a place to upload their tracks without having the hassle of managing a website or organizing file storage dealing with bandwidth and the tech know-how of how to stream tracks. If that is all you want, great – but you are probably not reading this blog and certainly haven't found your way to the last post in the promotion series!

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Reach out to Soundcloud Users

reach out to other Soundcloud users

In this post I am going to talk to you about reaching out directly to people. This has to be handled delicately as can move from a VERY effective promotion method into the spammy zone quite easily. How you approach this technique will vary quite a lot from artist to artist, whether you are just starting out on your music promotion journey or whether you're a seasoned pro whose been around the circuit a few times.

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Soundcloud Track Syndication

Syndicate all your Soundcloud tracks regularly to ensure they are syndicated to the streams of your Soundcloud followers

So by now you should be getting daily new fans to your account. But having these users as fans, doesn't necessarily mean they have checked out your tracks, following is easy as clicking the "follow" button, maybe they had the intention of listening to your tracks as your profile looked like something they would like, but then forgot. How to get your music back in front of your followers?

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Sharing is Caring

Share all your Soundcloud tracks to the maximum allowed groups and rotate regularly

Soundcloud allows you to share your tracks to groups, groups are a fantastic way of getting your tracks in front of users who like a specific genre. You can share a track to 75 different groups at any one time.

Groups are free and easy to create and there exist an almost unlimited amount of groups, so it is imperative that you share your tracks to groups that get traffic (there is no point sharing a track to a group with just 2 members!)

When you share a track to a group, it appears at the top of the group, this is when you are most likely to get users browsing the group to listen to your track. This is why it is important to make sure your track has an initial traction before sharing. A naked track here, is more than likely to be skipped over as not worth listening to. So do not share your track, if it is not ready to share, for more information on this, check out the blog post on giving your track a head start.

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Engage Engage Engage

Engage with all Soundcloud users who contact you via messages or track comments

The internet has caused the barriers that existed between artists and fans to be pulled down. Fans now expect their favorite musicians to be contactable. The good news is we can use this expected engagement to our advantage. By being active members of the Soundcloud community, by listening, liking, reposting tracks, by searching for and following artists this will be repaid by increased interaction with your tracks and your profile.

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Getting a Head Start

Give your Soundcloud profile and tracks a boost to give them a headstart in your promotion

Let me say right off, some have a problem with this stage, but it is important. At the end of the day, you do as you please, me I am trying to promote music so I will do what is needed. The music business has never been a clean and honest game. Labels have always tried to give their artists a head start, getting them out there by any means necessary, whether this was directly paying for good reviews, paying for the cover of the magazine / zine, paying to be included on the free tape / CD, paying to get a band on the support role of a tour. But lets not forget about the more indirect, underhanded methods of taking reporters out and getting them drunk, high in return for good reviews. Sex drugs and rock n roll. It has always happened and it still happens, just in a different way.

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Setting Up Soundcloud

Before you start your Soundcloud promotions, make sure everything is setup and filled in correctly and completely

Soundcloud, the leading social site for musicians. I don't know for a fact, but I imagine that 99% of (ignoring the major label artists, I doubt the next Justin Bieber wannabe is reading this blog...) bands, DJs, producers and labels have a Soundcloud page. Let that sink in for bit. Since when has this existed in the music industry, when you can be connected to so many artists, labels for all genres, all styles. This is an amazing time to be in the music game, the barriers to entry have been smashed down and stamped upon. Anyone with computer can create music and upload it to an audience of millions!

The game is no longer how to get your music out there, how to get a distribution deal to just give people the change to listen to your music, but how to get it noticed. I am going to focus on Soundcloud as it is by far the biggest and most important music site. If you are not already on Soundcloud (are you kidding me????) sign up now.

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Welcome to Soundcloud Promotion guide

Hello and welcome to this very first post for the "Get Your Music Heard" blog.

I have run a small independent online record label for the past 10 years and it has been on my mind to start writing a blog, sharing what I have learned to help all the aspiring bands, DJs and producers out there who may be struggling to get their music heard.

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