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Soundcloud Track Syndication

Syndicate all your Soundcloud tracks regularly to ensure they are syndicated to the streams of your Soundcloud followers

So by now you should be getting daily new fans to your account. But having these users as fans, doesn't necessarily mean they have checked out your tracks, following is easy as clicking the "follow" button, maybe they had the intention of listening to your tracks as your profile looked like something they would like, but then forgot. How to get your music back in front of your followers?

Well, when you add a new track, it is syndicated (a fancy way of saying shown to) to the stream user. Great, and a reason why you should keep adding new music to your page, but if we could get our existing tracks in front of the user, wouldn't that be good idea?

Well you can, reposting. When you repost your tracks, they appear in front of ALL your followers. Also, when you create a playlist, it is also syndicated to your followers. So if you create a playlist of your tracks, all your followers will be notified of the playlist. Soundcloud allows you to specify various elements of the playlist: a title, description and playlist image. As with your profile, make sure these are filled in completely and accurately and that the image is unique to the playlist and not been seen by your followers a 100 times before.

This means, you need to be regularly BUT not too often. We want people to notice your tracks, not get annoyed that they appear in their stream all day everyday and unfollow you. Thus, you do not want to repost all your tracks at once, then not do for weeks. Repost or create a playlist one day, wait a day or so and do another. Take it easy, go slow but go steady and consistently.

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