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Engage Engage Engage

Engage with all Soundcloud users who contact you via messages or track comments

The internet has caused the barriers that existed between artists and fans to be pulled down. Fans now expect their favorite musicians to be contactable. The good news is we can use this expected engagement to our advantage. By being active members of the Soundcloud community, by listening, liking, reposting tracks, by searching for and following artists this will be repaid by increased interaction with your tracks and your profile.

Reply to all Comments

Make sure that you reply to all messages you receive and keep an eye on your tracks and reply to all comments that you can justify a reply to, even if it is a "thanks for listening" to a positive comment, it all helps to strengthen the connection between the listener and your music. We are all human beings and human beings like connections – in fact it is how our brains work for memory. The connections are made and strengthened as actions are repeated. If someone has taken the time to comment on your track – it is a connection. If you replied – it is a connection. If they hadn't followed you before, they will now.

The more we do, the more we get back

Now, if your brain has been working, you may already have taken this to the next step, if not let me help you along. If the more tracks you listen to, if the more tracks you like, if the more artists you follow result in more of these users: a) listening to your tracks b) liking your tracks c) following your account

Then the more we do the more we get back! But how can you do more without actually having to sit at your computer all day clicking? Automation! For more information on how to do this and insider secrets you are going to have to sign up for the FREE Soundcloud Promotion Guide, as this information is too hot to put on a public blog!