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Weaponize your Promotion - Use Automation

Soundcloud bots allow you to weaponize your promotions for maximum effectiveness

Well, you have made it to (or skipped to the end at least) of the online series of Soundcloud Promotion blogs – perhaps I'll post some more later, we shall see, but for now we have come to the end. I hope you have found some of the promotion techniques useful and even better taken action on them. It isn't rocket science but it is surprising how bad people do it. But their loss is our gain. We just a little bit of effort you can make a big difference.

As said previously, music promotion isn't for everyone, some are just happy to have a place to upload their tracks without having the hassle of managing a website or organizing file storage dealing with bandwidth and the tech know-how of how to stream tracks. If that is all you want, great – but you are probably not reading this blog and certainly haven't found your way to the last post in the promotion series!

However, if you are interested in promoting your music, getting it out there, getting your music heard there are many ways (which I hope you have learned) on how you can do it. But of course, there is no perfect way – each artist is different, each genre of music should be promoted to differently. Commercial pop groups don't do promotion the same way as a death metal band who does it different to a hip hop group who does it differently to a deep house DJ. The promotion techniques I have spoken about, I have tried to keep as general as possible, applying across all music genres. For more specifics, ultimately you are on your own to understand your genre, learn the specific promotion techniques for your music and then run with it.

Promoting your music can very much be a rabbit hole. What was only supposed to be something to gain a few more listeners ends up eating up most of your time, leaving you little time to create more music. The chances are you do not have a promotion team behind you and it is you doing this. Obviously there is a trade off, where the cut off point is, has to be your decision. Promotion is great, it gets your music out there, it gets your name out there, but it is purely a means to an end: selling your tracks, playing gigs. When you start to see results – and you will – don't get carried away and give it more importance than it deserves. Remember the #1 goal is create / play great music for peoples listening pleasure (or it should be, if it is to get rich / get famous – F%&* Off the music scene doesn't need nor want you).

There are tools available to help you with your promotion that can save you serious amounts of time. However they are just tools and must be used correctly. Some get all high and mighty about using tools, but if they work, save you time and are effective then that sounds like a win to me. Just be warned, the path of tooling leads to effective promotion for sure, but is just a few steps to stray off the path into the annoying spammer. Don't. Remember, don't annoy, don't over do things, think about what you are doing, only do what you would do manually. Use the tool to save you time, not to do what you would never do manually. A tool is just that, a tool, it is not inherently good or bad. It is what you do with it. Just because some use the tool badly, it has zero relation to those who use a tool correctly.

I have been using Soundcloud automation tools for years and have seen many come and go. The only tool which was there pretty much from the start and is still going strong is Soundcloud Manager, it isn't the cheapest, but it is the best for advanced Soundcloud Promotion. The cheaper tools can do the basics, but in no way compare in the advanced features department. If you are serious about your promotion, get this tool. It is a one off purchase and includes life time updates. I bought it over 3 years ago and have recuperated my investment 100x over. The only thing against it I could say is the documentation is lacking somewhat for a new user. I've spoke to the developer about this and told him he needs to help the newbies and he'd sell more copies, but he just laughs and says he knows but doesn't like writing and prefers users figure it out for themselves which gives him more time for adding new features and improving the program – which isn't all bad I suppose, but still... With this lack of documentation in mind, I have included some guides, tutorials, tips and how I use the program in the free Soundcloud Promotion Guide you can get by signing up to the Get Your Music Heard newsletter.