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Welcome to Soundcloud Promotion guide

Hello and welcome to this very first post for the "Get Your Music Heard" blog.

I have run a small independent online record label for the past 10 years and it has been on my mind to start writing a blog, sharing what I have learned to help all the aspiring bands, DJs and producers out there who may be struggling to get their music heard.

When I have explained my ideas for the blog with others, usually they ask me "why?", "won't it make it harder to promote the label's artists?", "why will artists need record labels if they can promote themselves?". All valid questions, and all answered with the fact I am a music lover first and foremost and if I can help get some great music heard, that is a win in my book.

So bookmark the blog, subscribe to the RSS feed as I will be posting regularly, dropping hints, tips and a few secrets. The web site is just part of the "get-your-music-heard" project, the real juicey bits will be saved for the newsletter

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Cheers, Dave