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Weaponize your Promotion - Use Automation

Soundcloud bots allow you to weaponize your promotions for maximum effectiveness

Well, you have made it to (or skipped to the end at least) of the online series of Soundcloud Promotion blogs – perhaps I'll post some more later, we shall see, but for now we have come to the end. I hope you have found some of the promotion techniques useful and even better taken action on them. It isn't rocket science but it is surprising how bad people do it. But their loss is our gain. We just a little bit of effort you can make a big difference.

As said previously, music promotion isn't for everyone, some are just happy to have a place to upload their tracks without having the hassle of managing a website or organizing file storage dealing with bandwidth and the tech know-how of how to stream tracks. If that is all you want, great – but you are probably not reading this blog and certainly haven't found your way to the last post in the promotion series!

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