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Getting a Head Start

Give your Soundcloud profile and tracks a boost to give them a headstart in your promotion

Let me say right off, some have a problem with this stage, but it is important. At the end of the day, you do as you please, me I am trying to promote music so I will do what is needed. The music business has never been a clean and honest game. Labels have always tried to give their artists a head start, getting them out there by any means necessary, whether this was directly paying for good reviews, paying for the cover of the magazine / zine, paying to be included on the free tape / CD, paying to get a band on the support role of a tour. But lets not forget about the more indirect, underhanded methods of taking reporters out and getting them drunk, high in return for good reviews. Sex drugs and rock n roll. It has always happened and it still happens, just in a different way.

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