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Setting Up Soundcloud

Before you start your Soundcloud promotions, make sure everything is setup and filled in correctly and completely

Soundcloud, the leading social site for musicians. I don't know for a fact, but I imagine that 99% of (ignoring the major label artists, I doubt the next Justin Bieber wannabe is reading this blog...) bands, DJs, producers and labels have a Soundcloud page. Let that sink in for bit. Since when has this existed in the music industry, when you can be connected to so many artists, labels for all genres, all styles. This is an amazing time to be in the music game, the barriers to entry have been smashed down and stamped upon. Anyone with computer can create music and upload it to an audience of millions!

The game is no longer how to get your music out there, how to get a distribution deal to just give people the change to listen to your music, but how to get it noticed. I am going to focus on Soundcloud as it is by far the biggest and most important music site. If you are not already on Soundcloud (are you kidding me????) sign up now.

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